House of Bliss….an excerpt.

When I thought of Annabel, which was too often to be healthy, I thought as often of the tenderness of our lovemaking as I thought of the feral, urgent, hungers of proprietary, territorial, carnal she cats. There was a place for both with Annabel, and I liked that. I liked her uninhibited and frank desires; I liked her soft and gentle protectiveness of our love, the slow sweetness of ardor and affinity. There was no thought to it, as such, no discussion. We seemed in some kind of ethereal synchronization of both bodies and psyche.

That is exactly how I knew, in the secret chambers of my heart, Annabel had not left me. Something happened…she may have been forced apart from me, but she did not leave me. She wouldn’t. I can say that with certainty. She would not leave me voluntarily.

And yet I had nowhere to turn with my certainty.

Excerpt from Sabrina Blissdon’s journal, Exhibit 4, Evidence File No. 3