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Short Story: Some Enchanted Noir

A Tribute To The Masters


This short story tribute to the Noir and Hard-boiled genre and era of crime writing comes with an O. Henry twist. Two women, one a detective, the other an apparent felon and fugitive from the law, strike up an edgy romantic relationship that leaves one of them short a thousand dollars. But that’s not the problem, is it? By the time she finds out the whys and wherefores of Roberta Blue, Detective Delores “Duke” Avante is also missing a big piece of her heart. 



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The Girl With 2 Hearts: Historical Moment #3

Lady Sarah Wilson

South Africa, During Second Boer War

Lady Sarah Wilson, born Sarah Isabella Augusta Spencer-Churchill was the first female war correspondent to cover the Second Boer War.


She had accompanied her husband, Lt.-Col. Gordon Chesney Wilson, when he was assigned to Mafeking as aide-de-camp to Col. Robert Baden-Powell. The Daily Mail recruited her after the Boers arrested its reporter as he tried to file a dispatch.

Although she was untrained as a journalist, Lady Sarah was enormously popular back in England due to her matter-of-fact reporting style and because she'd as soon send back stories about the Sunday tennis matches and cycling events as the horrors of war. But she didn't avoid the horrors of war either. In March 1900, she filed the following dispatch:

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The Girl With 2 Hearts: Historical Moment #2

Boer Women, Second Boer War, 1899-1902.

There is an early scene in my new novel, The Girl With 2 Hearts that captures the real impact of the concentration camps on the Boer families and Boer soldiers.

Our protagonist, Victoria Dormier, has led a privileged, if somewhat bohemian life, and she has gone down to Africa in pursuit of “the one who got away”—a certain Mr. Jack Pierce…who isn’t really “a Mr.” and so, isn’t really Jack Pierce! Dormier’s focus changes substantially after that discovery!

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The Girl With 2 Hearts: Historical Moment #1

Emily Hobhouse

April 9, 1860-June 8, 1926


In an early scene in my new book, The Girl With 2 Hearts, our protagonist, Victoria Regina Dormier, fictional niece of Queen Victoria, is wandering around Port Elizabeth, in what is now South Africa, when she comes upon a startling discovery: British concentration camps for families of the Boer enemy.

In the real world of the Second Boer War, the internees’ plight was brought to the attention of the British public by Emily Hobhouse, a British citizen who became an honorary South African for her steadfast and relentless courage in exposing the inhumane conditions in the British concentration camps established during the War (1899-1902). Hobhouse would have come onto the scene within months of when Dormier first discovered the camps, although in the book, they do not meet. But Emily Hobhouse's spirit is all over the new book!

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The Girl With 2 Hearts Out NOW!!!

You would think that if you were in line to sit on the British throne as Queen, you wouldn’t go running down to Africa during the Boer War hoping to find that bug, Jack Pierce, who left you without so much as a ‘Goodbye, Princess.’ Wouldn’t you?

     On the other hand, Jack Pierce is not Jack Pierce, so who you going to be mad at if you find him?

     The Girl With Two Hearts is an exciting, adventure-filled love story introducing Queen Victoria's fictional, errant niece, Victoria Regina Dormier. Dormier becomes a motorcycle messenger in the Second Boer War in Africa, but only to go in search of the "one who got away." Known to her fellow drivers simply as Dormier, the royal runaway has a mind of her own, some powers inherited from her late mother and a special gift from her deceased father.

     Dormier finds that her love, her dedication, even her Magick powers, are all put to the test as she searches for Jack, (whose other name is, uh, Alice…oh dear!) while confronting the realities that Auntie's Empire is causing some major pain down in Africa.

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